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You will be assigned a personal strategist who works with you to understand your requirements, outline your media goals, and execute all your media plans accordingly.


Our team of professional journalists drafts your Press Release and send it to you for your approval to execute your communications plan accordingly.


Once a draft is finalized, we gather the most relevant media contacts and send a personalized story pitch to each journalist one by one.

What Makes Us Special

Knowledge & Experience

With almost two decades dabbling with leadership and management, consultancy, communications, academia, training and entrepreneurship, we found a sweet spot and interest – helping fellow businesses grow.

Creating Space for Growth

We create the space for your business growth. We are part of your company when we create this space – through business strategies, documentation, internal handbooks, digitization of processes, we explore whatever benefits your business because we are part of your team.

Earning Reputation

Earned reputation outlasts adversities – earn your business reputation through strategic communications. Socium is your partner to build that reputation you need in your industry.

What we can do for you

Public Relations

We understand the ever-evolving nature of the Public Relations industry, and in alignment to that, we craft strategies that are an eclectic mix of reputation management, business augmentation and pitching positive stories.


Media relations involves working collaboratively with the industry based mass media professionals and positioning your brand stories attractively and creatively to the target audience by using print, broadcast and digital media.

ORM Solutions

We help your brand stand out in a crowd by researching and analyzing your current status, developing a customized ORM plan, PR, social media, SEO strategy, publishing and promoting positive content.

Event PR

We specialize in planning Blogger events, Curated or Personalised events, Page 3 Events, Preview Events, Launch Events, Book Reading Sessions, Food-Tasting Events, Speaker Conclave, and many other events for a great brand visibility.

Digital PR

With our well-crafted Digital PR strategy, a company can gain more visibility by way of enhanced popularity links or improve its credibility by finding space in blogs, online news portals or in social influencers pages.


Our media training services include teaching potential spokespeople how to anticipate questions from the media, how to prepare for an interview, how to organize thought and how to convey messages clearly and effectively.

Content Marketing

We are experts at using the content for pitching positive stories and using it as a tool for marketing and promotion for improving brand visibility, engaging the prospects and brand reputation building.

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